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Dust is Only a Symptom of the Bigger IAQ Problem

Dust, like odors are "red flags" indicators of a bigger problem in your home.

You see, atmospheric dust particles vary greatly in size, from 0.001 to 40 microns. In that same size range falls far more hazardous particulates like:





So the dust that floats unhindered through your home and settles on your railings, shelves and tabletops is an indication that organic particulates that can cause allergy, asthma and disease are also floating in the air and being breathed into your lungs without hindrance. This exposure can lead to immediate side effect such as irritated eyes, nose, and throat; headaches; dizziness; and fatigue. It can also lead to long-term side effects such as heart disease, cancer, and certain respiratory diseases.

The solution is steady and effective air filtration and sanitization, performed by a trained professional that will be on hand like clockwork, to change your filters and test your air quality, providing you with a printed report. Use the form below to request a test of your air quality today!

Protect your family's health, and your employees' health and productivity...

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Taking Measured Steps to Improve Your IAQ...

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Full House & HVAC Inspection

Our Indoor Air Quality Inspection of your Denver area home or business begins with your existing HVAC system and set-up. We assess the ductwork for visible signs of filtration failure, then we assess the more remote surfaces in your home for the microbial contamination by bacteria, mold or mold spores that have been deposited during normal indoor air circulation.

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Air Quality & Particulate Sampling

Once the surfaces have been analyzed and data collected, the next test is of the air itself. We use highly sensitive equipment to collect samples of what is floating in your air on a average day and either digitally product a report or send it to a laboratory for a full analysis. The range of potentially harmful VOC's and other 'smaller than microbe" samplings can be very telling.

What are you breathing
Reporting On Our Investigation

Once all of the data is collected, and the reports are in, we will schedule a follow-up appointment to review everything with you. Hopefully, you will be pleasantly surprised by the relatively healthy readings, but sometimes it indicates that some essential remedial actions must be taken to protect the Denver home or business building occupants.

Quality Air Means Energy Efficiency...

There's Savings to be Enjoyed in Good IAQ

Maintaining good indoor air quality through IAQ services offers multiple environmental and energy-related benefits. First, using HVAC system and air duct cleaning services to improve your IAQ can lower your monthly energy bills. Indoor air quality services have this effect because clean HVAC equipment and duct systems don’t have to work harder to distribute and ventilate air the way neglected systems do. Second, they can reduce your facility’s environmental impact by reducing carbon monoxide and other emissions. These benefits help keep your building’s occupants and the area around it safe and healthy.

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