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Boiler Repair, Replacement & Maintenance Services for Metro Denver, Colorado

Teamworks Mechanical LLC is proud to offer top-notch boiler repair and maintenance services in Metro Denver, CO. As experts in the field, our highly trained technicians are equipped with the knowledge and skills to efficiently handle any boiler-related issue. We understand the importance of a well-functioning boiler system, especially during the harsh winter months. That is why we prioritize providing fast and reliable service to ensure that our customers' homes or businesses are kept warm and comfortable. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer competitive pricing and flexible scheduling options. Count on Teamworks Mechanical LLC for all your boiler repair and maintenance needs in Metro Denver.

Hot water is needed globally for many reasons. Heating hot water or hydronic systems use water to bring to a higher temp and circulate through buildings installed HVAC systems for warmth in colder months. Another common application for hot water is for domestic hot water purposes, also known as potable water. This is categorized by water that will come into contact with people whether for cooking, showers, laundry, or the like. Homes and business can be heated with air, water or steam. On this page, we will discuss the types of services provided by Teamworks Mechanical, LLC that use hot water or steam.

These may be divided into some simple categories:

Steam & Hot Water Boiler Heat

If you have an older home, it may have come equipped with a steam radiant heating system, which is built upon a central boiler which generates steam or very hot water that is then circulated throughout your home, from one (usually cast iron) radiator to the next. Both steam and hot water radiant systems can have a one or two pipe system, and water quality - to protect against system corrosion and leakage is a core component to its design and upkeep.

Regardless of if you have such a system in your Denver area home or apartment building, you can count on Teamworks Mechanical, LLC to be ready to support, upgrade or replace your system as is required to provide the highest level of comfort.

Hot Water Radiant Baseboard Heat

A bit more modern of a heating system came into existence in about the 1980's, and was built upon a system that did not generate steam, but only hot water and circulated it through long lines of copper tubing from room to room, using a series of low-profile radiant baseboard units along the exterior walls of a home. At strategic locations, the copper tubing would be encased with a length of thin-walled aluminum fins that would dissipate the heat from the copper pipe through to the surrounding air.

While the lines of this system may require less service than the older steam-generating boilers, the heat plants behind these circulatory lines is basically the same. Regular maintenance is key, and Teamworks Mechanical, LLC is among the best in this field.

In-Floor Radiant Hot Water Heat

Modern in-floor radiant heating involves plastic water tubing, which is installed inside concrete slab floors or attached to the top or bottom of wood floors. It is quiet and generally energy-efficient. It tends to heat slower and takes longer to adjust than forced air heat, but its heat is more consistent. While maintenance can be difficult to reach the hidden pipes, in-floor radiant heating units should last for several decades.

Radiant heating is different from other types of heat in that it heats objects and materials, such as furniture and flooring, rather than just the air. Most whole-home radiant systems distribute heat via hot water heated in a boiler or hot water heater.  Count on Teamworks Mechanical, LLC to keep it running smoothly.

Protect Your Investment

At any point along the way, talk with us about protecting your Metro Denver, Colorado heating or air conditioning systems with a Maintenance Service Contract. Preventative Maintenance is the best means of ensuring that, new or used, your system delivers you with:

Maximized Performance

Highest Efficiency

Consistent Comfort

Reduced Downtime

Signs That Your Boiler's Days May Be Numbered...

There are some clear indicators that an older steam or hot water boiler is growing old and in need of either additional TLC or replacement. Here are some signs that time is growing short...
  • Leaks: Boiler water leaks are never good. While some homeowners think they can simply patch leaks up and move on, most boiler leaks result from more extensive issues such as corrosion, broken seals, or even damaged valves and pumps. Leaks need to be inspected and repaired by a professional technician to restore heat and prevent future water damage.
  • Odors: If odd smells are coming from your boiler or boiler room, contact your local boiler technicians right away. While the pungent smell of rotten eggs resulting from bacteria growth in the boiler is not a sign of immediate danger, the smell of natural gas or propane coming from your gas-fueled boiler is. In this case, turn off your gas and water supplies and give our team a call for help.
  • Unusual Noises: While some popping and rumbling may cause you to jump in the night, odd furnace noises don't present any immediate danger. However, excessive kettling, gurgling, or whistling should be brought to the attention of a professional boiler technician as soon as possible to address the limescale build-up, trapped air, or blockage causing the issue.
  • Poor Performance: If the water in your boiler is not hot enough to heat your home effectively, or your water is coming out lukewarm, there could be a number of reasons why this is happening. Whether your thermostat or heating element needs to be replaced, help from a professional technician will be useful in locating the cause and finding a solution.
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